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4 Numerological Numbers You Need To Know

Essentially, numerological numbers are unique to every person and are derived by assigning a number to each letter of a person’s name and the actual day of birth, as well as adding up the numbers of one’s birthday. Calculations are then performed in order to come up with a variety of unique numerological numbers. The numbers are then interpreted, analyzed, and presented as a numerology reading in a numerology report.

There are many different numerological numbers variations and as a result a numerology report can appear very confusing and overwhelming. But mastering numerology is like mastering any skill. The more you know about the tools you are working with, the more adept you are going to be at accomplishing the craft.

In this case your tools are the numbers themselves and the craft is the extent of your personal ability to interpret the numbers. The more you know about what each number symbolizes the better able you will be at divination and personality analysis.

You must walk before you run and in order to walk in the science of numerology there are only 4 important numerological numbers you need to understand.

Life Path Number: Often referred to as your Skill & Talent Number this numerological number is comprised of the sum of your date of birth. For example someone born on June 1, 1921 would have a Life Path Number of 2 (1+1+1+9+2+1). Your life path number allows you to identify your latent skills, talents, and abilities, in order to improve and develop them to maximize success.

Destiny Number: Often referred to as your Expression Number and is derived from your name given at birth. It acts as your flight path on life’s journey from beginning to end. Although others may have the same name, the Destiny Number is unique to you when supported by others aspect of your numerological numbers. Your Destiny Number is like having a roadmap of your entire life in your hands showing twists, turns, hazards, and opportunities which lie ahead. It gives you the ability to control your destiny.

Heart’s Desire Number: Also know as the Soul Urge Number, the Heart’s Desire Number is a numerology calculation based on the vowels in your full name. This numerological number is somewhat invisible but extremely powerful. Analysis of the Heart’s Desire Number provides insight as to why you were motivated to go, do, or become the thing that is closest to your heart. It takes practise to hear the subtle calling of your Heart’s Desire, but when you do, it will always push you towards your purpose in life.

Birth Day Number: This numerological number has the role of defining your traits. It has the responsibility of providing the fuel to spark your energy in most of your day to day activities. The Birth Day Number defines your most recognizable and redeeming quality. It is your most obvious quality, the one which identifies you. Once you learn to use this number like a skilled tradesman, you can achieve expertise and success beyond belief.

Numerology is a science where the ability to learn and explore new areas is endless. There are many different numerological numbers and many different ways to analyze and interpret them. However, the numbers discussed are the 4 most important numbers of your numerology chart.

Research them and learn as much as you can about them. Focussing on these 4 numbers alone, will allow you to make dramatic improvements in your life and live life to the fullest.

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