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FTF Films: Intro to Chaldean Numerology

FEEDTHEFIRE.FILMS on FACEBOOK www.facebook.com Most people wonder about the science or logic behind numerology. All sciences rest upon a very simple foundation. Facts are painstakingly collected and used for experiments, from which deductions are drawn. The same process governs chemistry, physics, biology, and all other branches of sciences. Once a "Law" is established, scientists can use it to "Predict". Numerology works in exactly the same manner. Video text adapted from this source: www.numerology-astrology-palmistry.com METATRON CUBE 3D SACRED GEOMETRY BY IEOIE Derek Gedney 08/06/1971 Your Birth Number and Life Path: 6 & 5 Your Numerology Name Number: 41 Date of birth 6 means: People born on the 6th of any month are noble, and zealous. They are humble and they possess profound ideas and thoughts. They will easily achieve expertise in fine arts. They will have an intense desire to earn and save money. They have feminine characteristics to an extent. Lucky Color of Birth date 6: Dark Green and Blue Numerology Name Number 41 means: This number denotes the qualities of charming and control of masses. They are renowned achievers and have high ideals. They are keen about their development and will be world famous. The person with number possesses magnetic attraction who can lead a nation itself. This is stellar number for politics. Great and immortal politicians have this name number. Number 41 can draw and control masses from any sector. When they talk, the whole world <b>…</b>

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