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Knowing True Gnosticism From Substance.com

The combination of metaphysics and knowledge theory of ancient Greek characterize an ancient wisdom known to the Authentic Gnostic Brotherhood of the Druze. But unknown to many because of the society and its spiritual identity has been hidden from humanity for a long time. It can be recalled, as written by many today, the Druze suffered persecution and harsh criticisms especially from religion-based organizations and Muslims disavowed them. But modernization in many aspects has broken the secrecy to shed light on what the Authentic Gnostics really believe in.

Employing the internet domain, www.substance.com provides a refreshing insight into Gnosticism which is innate to the Authentic Gnostic Druze. Known as The Exclusive Fifth Science, this spiritual mind science is considered unique and highly distinctive. It does not require highly intellectual people to understand but rather an open mind for it to be understood and register. Presented in a comprehensible form by the author of Substance online, the contents are culled from the Forbidden Texts of the Druze of the Levant.

Reading through the contents of the website is not intended to convert but to make The form of The Fifth Science understandable to human mind. Furthermore, it brings information on how the Druze of the Levant practised it that made them unique and distinctive. All of the topics are to be read in conjunction with each other because the totality of this spiritual identity can be misconceived if one misses out the other.

The manuscript of the Druze was originally written in Arabic and many people, even among Brotherhood members may not understand anything. Hence, an English translation has been provided primarily for the members around the globe to know about their forsaken identity. Moreover, www.substance.com has provided an interactive networking section where they can write their thoughts and renew their ties and experience a principle that has guided the Druze over the years – take care of their brethren.

The topics include the following:

Main – an introduction to the Fifth Science

Source - is the textual source of the Fifth Science which is within the Forbidden Texts of the Druze of the Levant. The section contains an insight into the Gnostic Brotherhood, the 7 Doctrines, the Gnostic Significance of Ancient Greece, and The Story of Adam, Enoch and Seth.

Key – The 12 keys section is essentially an extensive introduction into the Fifth Science which highlights the structural logic from which the spiritual mind science took its form.

Morphe - is an in-depth presentation of the Doctrine of Renunciation which the Fifth Science is said to be Gnostically associated with and the basic Gnostic Truth by which Renunciation has been totally nullified by traditional religions.

Network – is the venue where to post blogs and initiate discussions about Fifth Science, regardless of belief, creed and race.

Author – the writer’s profile

In the immediate past, publications and other resource materials about The Fifth Science and the Authentic Gnostic Druze Brotherhood have been suppressed from circulation. www.substance.com may not have been materialized without the courage of the author and support of the more liberal sects and people of these times.

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Chadi B. Ghaith is the author of this article on Spirituality.

Chadi B. Ghaith is the author of this article on metaphysics.

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