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Law Of Attraction, Mind Science And Metaphysics – What You Should Know

You may think that spirituality will never get you rich, and that rich people have no spirituality. You couldn’t be further from the truth. But, this idea has been fed into us since childhood, that it leaves a lasting impression on our minds. The Law of Attraction states otherwise. You can have abundance, which is a combination of both material wealth and spiritual wealth to bring you happiness and security you have always desired. www.substance.com will teach you about the concept of spirituality, and how mind science can help bring only optimism and positive situations to your life.

Philosophers and Gurus have stated that in knowledge theory you create your own physical circumstances, which are then manifested by the universe into reality. This means that everything which exists in your life, is a result of the thoughts and desires you have. This can be either good or bad. The Law of Attraction judges no one. It only reciprocates what you wished for in the first place. In the physical world, every action has the opposite reaction. The quantum world is slightly different, which states that every thought creates a reaction. This means that if you think positive things, you will attract a positive situation. On the other hand, if you choose to dwell on negative things, you will attract a negative situation.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law. It is powerful and real as the Law of Gravity. The East has referred to the Law of Attraction as Karma for many a century. It is recently that the west embraced the concept of mind science. Our thoughts are like magnets, emitting signals into the universe, which brings back whatever it is we wished for. We must remember that ramifications of what we think is enormous. The Law of Attraction states that we have complete control over our minds and thinking. If we focus on positive thought, it will only create positive actions, which will manifest into physical reality. If we focus on negative thoughts, it will create negative actions, which in turn will manifest into negative reality.

The control you have over your thinking power is stupendous. Many people may think that having control over each and every thought in our daily lives is difficult. Of course this is true. Fortunately, we don’t have to feel too anxious about the little thoughts that we dwell on from time to time. It is our deliberate thinking that leads to the Law of Attraction making its mark in our lives.

In order to make the Law of Attraction work for you, it is essential that you think of positive thoughts. Look at every situation in a positive way. For instance, if you are in debt and don’t have sufficient money to settle your debt, think along the lines of your money problems being behind you and that you have abundant riches now. The more you surrender to positive thinking, the more the universe will return positive situations. Once again, visit, www.substance.com a site dedicated to teaching people about spirituality and mind science.

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