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Hopefully, you have read the brief summary I wrote on Numerology to get an idea of what it is. Now it’s time to get excited!! Numerology has so much to offer everyone and is one of many great ways to take control of your destiny. I’m sure all of you at one point or another have felt that feeling of being “lost” in life. That’s where you don’t know what path you are on or where you should go. Face it… EVERYONE has felt like this at some point. AND its completely NORMAL!! Life is extraordinary and has so much to offer. Of course you want to take the best path for yourself so you can live life to its fullest and enjoy everything it has to offer. Everyone has their own path to follow so no need to feel like you are different just because you decided to take another route. We are ALL special and unique in our own ways!!!! This is where numerology comes in to help!

First, I want to give a brief background about myself. My name is Cindy and have suffered from severe depression for many years of my life. I’ve always felt down and lost in life and not knowing where to go. This eventually led to drugs and alcohol. At first, it felt like they were working and I felt normal and “happy” again. I soon felt that I had to stay in this state to be happy and slowly escalated to daily use. Before I knew it, drugs took over my life. I dug a huge hole for myself that would take a LONG time to recover from. With the help of my parents, I got out of it and started on the path of sobriety. Along the way, I discovered the healing powers of spirituality. I also stumbled upon numerology. This changed my life forever.

I was skeptical at first, but gave numerology a try anyway. I found a great website online that would give me a FREE numerology found here: Numerology Report. Since it was free I decided I had nothing to lose and gave it ago. All I did was enter my name and birthday and it gave me a detailed reading into my numerology and what it meant. A chart was produced and described into detail what each number meant. And I was shocked!!! It really gave me an accurate description of who I was, my life path, and where I wanted to go. When I read it, it truly rang deep within my spirit and soul. I instantly knew that this was true. Thanks to the numerology report I realized my passion of traveling and helping others. I set aside my fear and am realizing my dreams and taking one step at a time! Hopefully it will help you out as well! Remember, you can get a detailed reading for FREE at Numerology Report. If you end up liking it as much as I did please buy the full version to support them! Good luck on everyone’s journey!!!

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